Multidimensional signals and analytic flexibility: Estimating degrees of freedom in human speech analyses

Recent empirical studies have highlighted the large degree of analytic flexibility in data analysis which can lead to substantially different conclusions based on the same data set. Thus, researchers have expressed their concerns that these …

Linear Mixed Effects Models in R

Lab Skills Workshop Week 5 Hilary Term. This workshop introduces you to linear mixed effects models in R. It is decidedly conceptual without too much mathematical proofs or equations involved. We will focus on understanding the model through analysing two datasets and building up linear modeling workflow in R.

Introduction to Praat and Praat scripting

Lab Skills Workshop Week 3 Hilary Term. This workshop serves as a boot camp guiding you to start your phonetic analyses using Praat. Instead of listing out how to perform specific functions, it focuses on introducing a sustainable workflow that bootstraps our knowledge to start our own analyses as quickly as possible.

An introduction to Praat and Praat Scripting

Slides for Lab Skillz.

Phonetics and Phonology

An introduction to articulatory and acoustic phonetics, and phonological theories at the undergraduate level.